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The first episode of The Tism, a talk by and for adult women with ASD, is now available!

The Tism Episode One

I'm reaching out to you because you either wrote to me after my Public Source essay was published last year, or you've responded to my "call for stories" for the podcast and I thought you might like to give it a listen

My co-host is my friend Kerry Thorne Kenney, the Kerry mentioned in the essay, the Kerry who pointed out to me, at age 42, the bleeding obvious: that I was autistic.  We grew up orbiting each other in a small town, at a tiny school, on basically the same street, riding the same school bus (Bus 21), and we have witnessed each other's struggles for about 40 years. I asked Kerry to do this with me because I thought it was important to show that women with ASD don't necessarily have trouble making long-term friends, we have trouble making friends with NTs.  Also, she talks better than I do.  

We want to celebrate life on the spectrum and create a hang-out space where we can elevate the voices of women on the spectrum and tell their stories.

We've gathered some stories and interviews and I'm busy editing more episodes!  If you're interested in contributing a story or idea, the link to the for is: Contribute to The Tism

If you're short on time, but want to check the podcast out, here's a link to a brief promo reel

Our next episode will feature Catina Burkett who works towards "Empowering black Women And Girls who are quirky, different and perfectly flawed!" via her site https://www.catinasway.com

If you just want to hang out with us and listen, you can find the first episode at The Tism Episode One or through our Facebook Page!


Joey Murphy

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